Toniebox - The Ballalloes Duel by Floodlight

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Mr. Beale is the new greenkeeper at the stadium of The Ballalloes. The grounds are so bad, he decides to lay a whole new pitch and is so protective of it, he will only let the team train in socks! But that is not the only prob­ lem they have. Alex has spent several games on the bench due to his bad attitude and poor performance. The team discover Alex’s secret and decide to do some­ thing to motivate him back into the team – a surprise floodlit birthday party at the stadium! But how can they do this under the watchful eye of Mr Beale? 

... And where did he leave his keys? 

01 - The New Greenkeeper

02 - Troublesome Training

03 - An Investigation

04 - Finders Keepers

05 - A Daring Plan!

06 - Nick Opens Up!

07 - Showdown at the Stadium!

08 - The Chase!

09 - Paying the Ransom

10 - Here Comes Alex!

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